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Fro Knows Photo Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

What clicks on your mind on hearing the title of this review?
Photography is definitely the thing if I may say. Right?
There is literally no more amazing moments of the past than the ones captured in photographs. Imagine how you get to practically relive the moments through the photos. Or even photos of various amazing land forms.
Does photos of such magnificent aspects of nature give you a deep sense of relaxation and calming of nerves as it does to me? You get to imagine yourself inside the photo getting nothing but the best out of nature. By the way, why do you not get yourself and amazing nature photo and hang it on your living room wall? Go try that.


When we mention photography most definitely we are talking about something in relation to photos. But this review, will go through to even explain what the term itself implies. Not just the practical thought.
camera lenses
Photography is the science or the art of applying and creating images that are durable through the means of recording light or any other electromagnetic radiation.
This is done either electronically using an image sensor or by chemical means using a material that is light sensitive. Such a material may include a photographic film.
Now that you have the basis of today’s review, something not all reviews will offer to you the prospective buyer, let us get down to the main topic, Fro Knows Photo.

Fro Knows Photo

About The Product

If improving your skills in the art of video editing is the thing you wish for, I can only tell you that this is system tailored for you. It is a step by step system that will make you understand a veteran filmmaker’s entire process of video editing.
film record form
Worried that it might not be of much help to you just because you are a newbie? Shove that thought far away. It will work for you even though you have no background knowledge on the topic. You do not necessarily need to have any footage. Even if you only have basic access to video editing software and equipment, you are still good to go.
It is a step by step system that is complete and will demonstrate to you how easily you can transform any video footage into a masterpiece that is fully polished in as short as a single day.

The Author- Todd Wolfe

Together with Jared, the author, there is Todd Wolfe who is an award-winning filmmaker who is experienced. I tend to think Todd was an excellent choice for an instructor. The confidence that he has, articulation and expertise in his teaching made me confident that I was gaining knowledge from a leader in the field.
The dynamic works of Todd and Jared has worked exemplary well for the DVD keeping it fresh and engaging whereas at the same time being funny. This instructors are nothing close to boring.

Searching For The Best Tutorial

film symbols
Am sure that you would relate to me in that, as a photographer who is professional, you have often been curious on the art of videography. This is especially so because the two go very much hand in hand.
Making the forward step to shooting content of my own was rather impossible since I was not even sure of the point at which I am supposed to start. Learning the basics and beginning the shooting was what I wanted.
For me, I learn much from what I see. As a result, a crash course in a tutorial offered online would be best for me.
Finding the most suitable tutorial among the ones scattered over YouTube proved to be more challenging than I initially thought.

The Breakthrough

Just some time back, Jared Polin who also goes by the name Fro, from Fro Knows Photo, made available a guide that is comprehensive when it comes to video shooting using a DSLR. The DSLR is known as The Fro Knows Photo Guide to DSLR Video. This was of real significant help.

In The Guide

Instructors And Content

This DVD has more than 6 hours of information that has been broken down into main chapters. There are four different chapters in total that feature the following instructions and information on video shooting. With it, also comes 4 different scenarios in shooting and also instructions on production and how to direct videos of your own.
The chapters
  • Chapter 1: Equipment Basics, Frame Rates and Best Resolutions.
  • Chapter 2: Video Exposure Triangle, Camera Stabilization and movements, Shutter Speeds, Picture Styles and Aperture.
  • Chapter 3: Three Point Lightning, Continuity, Audio Capture, Composition and Coverage, 180 Degree Rule.
  • Chapter 4: Four Real-World Shooting Scenarios that include EPK/Corporate Shoot, Music Video, Crash course in the Direction and Production, Narrative/Movie Shoot and also a YouTube Video.
recording machine
  • Editing tips and Secrets.
  • Shooting Check List.
  • DSLR Video Homework Assignments.
  • Creation of Successful YouTube Videos.
When it comes to giving, this guide does it better than any other. In addition to the bonus material, there are two videos that have additional content. Jared makes sure to go over extra information on the creation of YouTube videos that are successful. It also include;
  • Tagging
  • Link backs.
  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • Quality content.
  • Descriptions
The quality of the audio is also looked closely into. Together with it, also the need of branding and consistency and the relationship between Google and YouTube, how it works in your favor, is also looked into. That is not all. There is more. Much more that cannot be described fully in reviews.
someone using a camera

The Content

The amount of insightful instruction and content jam packed here is just incredible. All in only but 6 hours. The author, Jared Polin alias Fro is almost ever delightfully amusing when you watch on screen. The seriousness he takes himself is never too much and he still able to keep the focus on the delivery of information in a manner that is precise.

Where you can buy Fro Knows Photo?

Fro Knows Photo is available on the official website, CLICK HERE 

Final Verdict

I believe that this product, Fro Knows Photo, is a very awesome product that you should have as a photographer. Your skills are guaranteed to be improved and your knowledge boosted if your experience was initially fair. For you as the beginner, the value of this resource is incomparable to any other.


• It will practically take you into Jared’s World; by representation in the format of a video, it makes it easier to understand the lessons. This course gets you into the world of Jared as he sees it.
• It is available in two formats; this product is nothing like other photography products that you find online that you can only buy in digital format. It is available in both physical DATA disc and DVD and in digital format.
• Helpful tips on marketing your photography are available; if photography comes as more than just a photography but more of a hobby for you, that is excellent. But if you want to make it a full time business, this course also covers that topic inside the bonus tutorial video.
• The lessons are straight to the point; this course is not filled with information that is fluff like some scam you may encounter. Everything in here is of high importance and also helpful.
• Logical setting of lessons; Jared Polin has taken to arrange the lessons from basic to complex. This makes it very easy to follow and also understand.


• A little bit more of editing could be done; Fro Knows Photo is packed with information that is pretty much helpful. Nevertheless, I think there could be an even better way of presenting the information.
Summary: The Fro Knows Photo is very informative. It is also in-depth when you need it to be so. It is definitely a must have for people who would want to get into video editing. It has all the information necessary to help you get a notch higher in photography.

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